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Forum » HAck codes » [XERO]~someone hacks
Joined: 29th Mar 2013
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5th Apr 2013

No wait period between invites 3/15+ [Mitch]
054B6668 00000000

Everything Bought (i know aids made this one to but this one is a little bit better)
054B47C8 01000000

Everything Unlocked (i know aids made this one to but this one is a little bit better)
054B4838 01000000

Show Enemy Names:[Pwnzer@Haxody]
054C6BB8 495BBA00
054C6AD8 00000000
054C6C98 01000000
Description: Put your cursor on someone and their name will always show

Bullet Tracers: (Non-Host) (only tested with host)
054C28A8 3F800000
054C2918 40C80000
054C2988 44BB8000
054C29F8 43C80000

Twisty Bullet Tracers Non-Host [Mitch]
054C28A8 77FFFFFF
054C2918 4C000000
054C2988 40800000
054C29F8 44000000
054C2C98 40400000
054C2AD8 40A00000

Primary Clip Size Modifier: [DeanViet]
054CBF28 45416964
you have 1023 bullets with this code and they stay on 1023

Commando Pro / Super Knife [MasterQ9999]
28200EE0 00008000
054CD038 01000000
054CD0A8 01000000
E0000000 80008000
*home activates

Unlimited Sprint [Speedah/Mitch]
054CCCB8 01000000

No Friendly Names[AIDS]
054C3F68 00000000

3rd person mode
28200FA0 00008000
054C2F38 01000000
E0000000 80008000
*home activates

Mini map extender
054C59A8 3FC00000

player_sprintUnlimited [ropers] host only
054CCCB9 01000000

ADS multiplier[aids]
054a91c8 42000000

No fall dmg
054CA8D8 5B9FDF43

UAV hack (Non-host)
28200EE0 00008000
054C70D8 01000000
054C7228 00000000
054C6F88 5B9FDF43
054C6FF8 5B9FDF43
054C7068 00000000
E0000000 80008000
*home activates

Death Modifier [MasterQ9999]
04AA5EE4 0000XXXX
Change x's into hexidecimal not float point. Max death is 1023

Score Modifier [MasterQ9999]
04AA5ED0 0000XXXX
Change x's into hexidecimal not float point.

Pointless Game [MasterQ9999]
044E6A74 60000000
044E6B78 60000000

No Blood [MasterQ9999]
054BE318 00000000

Silent Run/Walk[BLiTz*]

X-Ray Vision (3/15+)[strakn]:
28200EE0 00008000
054D68E8 00000000
CC000000 00000001
054D68E8 60000000
E0000000 80008000

No Blood [MasterQ9999/Sh0tGuN2197]
F6000001 81408150
80930698 B69BA39E
14000014 00000000
E0000000 80008000

Unlimited Tacticals [Kyle]
28200FA0 00008000
04AA3A2C 60000000
E0000000 80008000
*It's HOST-Only. It only works for host, NOT all players. Works with Stuns, Flash, etc.
*home activates

Unlock all pro perks
054B47C8 01000000
054B4838 01000000

Kills Modifier [Kyle]
04AA5EE2 00000XXX
The highest you can go is FFF. Host-Only.

reticule [Xcoopa]
054ACE28 0000000x

replace the x with C ,D or E
Forum » HAck codes » [XERO]~someone hacks
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